WO Spring National '16 - Race Info


Due paddock space problems, and to guarantee results and times during the race as scheduled, the number of contestant will be limited as per organizer discretion.

The entry form must be sent to info@rivanazzanodragway.it and wil be subject to organizer approval. Before proceed with the payment wait for registration confirmation e-mail sent by the organizer.

Entry form must be sent before the 22nd of april. Registration confirmation e-mail will be sent within the 25th of april.

Proof of payment must be sent before the 29th of april to info@rivanazzanodragway.it. After this date, if proof of payment will be not received, the registration, even if already accepted, will be cancelled.

Contestant list will be released within the 7th of may.


PROOF OF PAYMENT TO info@rivanazzanodragway.it

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NEW BANK ACCOUNT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bank account: American Motors Pavia

IBAN  IT92L0623011300000030364505


Registration Fee: 

Cat. A3/A2

Cat. A1/A0



€ 160
€ 170
€ 180
€ 180 

Wide Open Spring National '16 - Entry Form
WO Spring Intl. '16 - Entry Form.pdf
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Cat. A3/A2/A1

Cat. A1/A0



Pass Driver + 1 Free Pass + 2 Pass Vehicle Assistance

Pass Driver + 2 Free Pass + 2 Pass Vehicle Assistance

Pass Driver + 3 Pass mechanical + 2 Pass Vehicle Assistance

Pass Driver + 3 Pass mechanical + 2 Pass Vehicle Assistance

PADDOCK:  only for  Racers open Friday 20  may at 08.00 a.m.





Saturday- € 15,00

Sunday - € 15,00


Free under 12 years




1) Space inside pit area are designated by the Organizer in consideration of the number of contestants and car classes
2) Forbidden to keep space for other contestant if not agreed in advance with the Organizer
3) Inside the designated pit area will be parked only service vehicle equipped with the “P” pass. Any other vehicle must be parked outside the paddocks in the area indicate by the organizer
4) Absolutely NO burnouts or test in the pit area
5) Fire extinguisher in any pit recommended
6) Strictly forbidden to put any nail or tent fixture on the asphalt
7) On the asphalt can be parked only race cars, any other service/towing cars must be parked on the grass behind the pit
8) Please keep attention to live fires and barbecues
9) Any contestant is responsible for the space designate by the Organizer. At the end of the event the space must be left clean. Any garbage must be collected in the proper container/sacks or nearby. Personnel will provide


1) FULL Tree 0,500 seconds interval will be used
2) Qualifications will follow this order: A3-A2-A1-A0-PRO ET- SUPER PRO ET
3) Pairings will follow the FIA Sportsman Ladder
4) Time slips will be collected at track entrance outside the barrier
5) Track end: As soon as the car is parked, please move to the safe area as per personnel advice. It’s FORBIDDEN to wait close to the cars until it’s time to go back to the pit.
6) Towing vehicle: Only PRO ET and SUPER PRO ET if needed can use a towing vehicle to return to the pit. “A” classes car must return on it’s own, except for those previously agreed by the Organizer. This will help to save time as benefit for both, contestants and Organizer
7) Staging line access: Access to the staging lines(beyond barrier) will be granted to pass holder only. PRO ET and SUPER PRO ET contestant can have a up to 3 crew member on the staging line. Crew members can access staging line only going with the starting car. When called to stage crew members must stay behind the start director
8) As soon as the car end the 1⁄4 mile all crew members must leave the staging line
9) All vehicle are required to enter the staging line with the engine running and self stage. NO pushing after the barriers. When called to the staging line the team has 60 seconds to start the engine.
10) Rolling Burnout: ONLY PRO classes are allowed to do rolling burnout. “A” classes are not allowed to pass the Pre- Stage line during burnout
11) Absolutely FORBIDDEN change the driver
12) Absolutely NO passengers on race cars
13) AT the barriers driver must be race ready (seatbelt
fastened, wearing helmet, long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, and side windows closed)
14) Crew Members: All crew members, inside the barriers, are required to wear closed shoes and shirts
15) NO holding during burnout
16) Dial In: ET Bracket classes MUST have a clearly
visible dial board on the left side of the car. A clearly visible and readable writing can be used. Organizer or Timing service cannot be responsible for misreading of hand writings. Dial time must be displayed when moving from the
pit. The driver is responsible for it’s own dial time, it can be checked on the scoreboards, if incorrect do not stage. Once staged you accept the dial time on the scoreboard.
17) Minimum cool down period: 15 minutes as per FIA Rules and regulations


1) Tech inspection: before entering on the track, every car must pass tech inspection. Tech inspection will be held in your paddock. Is driver’s responsibility to be sure that it’s own car is inspected and “Verificato” (Verified) sticker applied
2) Clothing: Driver are required to wear long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes (NO sandals, flipflop). Where required from ACI Sport regulations fire retardant protective clothing must be used
3) Ice bags/trays, CO bottles and any other cooling must be removed before entering the barriers
4) It’s FORBIDDEN to use any coolant liquid other than straight water in the engine cooling system. Catch can MANDATORY minimum 0,47L
5) Battery: CUT OFF switch mandatory mounted on the back of the vehicle if battery moved from it’s original location
6) Driveshaft Loop: MANDATORY on any vehicle running in A2 class or faster if equipped with slick tires or A1 or faster if equipped with street tires
7) Oil retention device: PRO classes are required to use an engine diaper or belly pan. Beely pans must extend from harmonic balancer to the rear engine plate and from side rail to side rail
8) For any further please refer to “Regolamento di Settore “ Accellerazione ACISport